We work closely with local businesses across all industry sectors to ensure that they gain increased visibility in search results, acquire a steady stream of new customers, and increase their profitability.  

In today’s technology-driven world, 93% of consumers will conduct an online search before making a decision to purchase a product or service.  The manner in which consumers conduct these searches is constantly changing as smart phones become increasingly integral in all aspects of our daily lives, and interactive AI devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo become more commonplace in our homes.  The search engines are continually updating their algorithms in order to accommodate the changing needs and behavior of consumers.  In conjunction, a marketing strategy must also continually adapt and change if it is to remain effective.  Among all of these changing dynamics, the one constant variable is the irrefutable necessity for your business to have a strong online presence if it is to survive and thrive. 

For local businesses, the most effective marketing strategy consists of Map Pack Domination, SEO, PPC, or some combination thereof. Contact us for a free consultation as to which option(s)s are best suited for your needs and budget. 

Google My Business - Map Pack Domination

If you’re looking for a massive increase in new customers for your business, this is hands-down the one service that you simply must have.

When consumers perform a search with local intent (for example: a restaurant,  salon, gym, contractor, plumber, etc.) Google returns a map, followed by 3 enhanced listings for those businesses that Google deems the best match for the search query and proximity to the consumer.  These three enhanced listings collectively make up the “Google Map Pack”, also referred to as the “local 3-pack”. The three businesses that rank in the Google Map Pack receive 45% of all search traffic! For comparison sake, the organic search results and paid ads receive only 29% and 20% of all search traffic, respectively.  If you want more traffic to your website, more prospects seeking driving directions to your business, more phone calls, and most importantly more customers in your door, your business needs to rank in the Google Map Pack.  

There are typically a hundred or more businesses fighting for one of these 3 highly coveted positions in the Map Pack.  Suffice it to say, Map Pack domination is not something that happens by luck or chance.  It requires an extremely unique skill set and in depth understanding of Google’s algorithm. That said, our demonstrable results speak for themselves.  Each and every one of our clients is ranking in the Google Map Pack for a dozen or more competitive keywords or search queries.  As a result, they’ve seen incredible results such as:

  • 198% increase in inbound calls for a Personal Injury Attorney in Waldorf, MD (View case study)
  • 300% increase in inbound calls for an Elder Law/Estate Planning Attorney in Prince Frederick, MD
  • 320% increase in inbound calls for a plumbing, heating and air conditioning contractor in Ocean City, MD
  • 330% increase in inbound calls for an auto repair shop in Salisbury, MD
  • 153% increase in inbound calls and 55% increase in driving direction requests for a restaurant chain in MD and VA (stats reflect the average of all 17 locations)

Our mastery of Google My Business has not only earned us the status of Official Google City Partner, but we have also taught 40 official Google classes along the east coast over the past 2 years on this very same topic.  Schedule a free consultation with us and see what we can do for your business.

GMB Profile Optimization:

  • Analysis of competitors’ primary & additional categories
  • Image optimization, EXIF data & geo-tagging
  • Category optimization
  • Selection of NAP, as recognized by Google & aggregate sources
  • Profile completion
  • Verification and/or edit approval by Google 
  • Monitor monthly updates for accuracy
  • Provide fresh content via GMB posts
  • Ongoing competitor analysis

GMB-related on-site work:

  • Inclusion of GMB related categories, with proper HTML/H-tag hierarchy
  • Topically relevant content to support selected categories
  • Schema mark-up
  • Google Map embed
  • Build topical & geo-relevance as needed
  • Introduce additional keywords and categories, as applicable
  • Monthly website speed & performance optimization

Citation Creation & Management

  1. Full Local Citation and Ranking Audit for each location
  2. Directory submissions and data cleanup of all mentions of your company’s NAP (name/address/phone number) on the top 50 directory sites, plus niche sites for your industry.  This includes claiming or creating new citations/profiles where appropriate.
  3. Submission and optimization of all data aggregators, Yellowpages, Yelp, Citysearch, etc.

Monthly Reporting:

  • Monthly reporting is provided for each location, as desired, along with an overview of all progress relative to all locations.


Statistically, only 6% of consumers will scroll past the first page of search results when seeking a local business (reference: Moz).  This means if your business is not ranking on Page 1 of Google for the products or services that you offer, an alarming 94% of your target audience will never see you!  Moreover, these are consumers who are located nearby, they’re searching for the exact product or service you offer, and they are likely to make a purchase within 24 hours or less.  If your business is not on the first page of search results, then 94% of those consumers will be spending their money at your competitor’s store or office instead of yours.
Now, there are many variations of SEO, and many agencies who make lofty promises about getting your website to number 1 on “the googles”.  It can be overwhelming to determine what’s legitimate, what’s too good to be true, or what is an outright scam (we can promise you that emails containing any reference to “the googles” is coming from the same folks who’ve been holding that unclaimed inheritance from your long lost Nigerian uncle, may he rest in peace).  Outright scams aside, there are two schools of SEO: “black hat” and “white hat”.  Black hat SEO involves tactics that are used to game the system.  Some examples might be buying fake reviews, or using overseas click-banks to send fake traffic to your website.  These tactics work, and typically work very well, right up until  your website is penalized by Google.  And it absolutely will be penalized, the only question is when.  Google knows that 5000 Indonesian IP addresses aren’t really looking for a plumber in Waco, TX or the best pizza restaurant in Boston, MA. Recovering from a penalty can take 6 months to several years, depending on the severity, and it will cost thousands of dollars to clean up the mess and get back in the good graces of the Big G. We don’t believe in gambling with our clients money or reputation.
We employ strictly “white hat” tactics, which means doing everything that Google wants done, in the manner and sequence that  Google wants it done. This includes building trust factors, proving topical and geographical relevance, maintaining performance and speed standards, creating internal and external links for better indexing, adding html and json markups so Google can easily understand what your website is about.  In addition to optimizing and maintaining your website, we build and optimize data aggregators and local citations, micro-sites, social sharing sites, and more.  We create a massive digital footprint for your business that not only improves your website’s position in the search results, but also creates more than a hundred other platforms on which potential customers can find your business.
Google releases 2 minor algorithm updates every day, and 3-4 major updates per year.  We’ve ranked hundreds of businesses using  white hat SEO techniques and not once has a client’s website ever been penalized by an update.  Quite the contrary.  Google rewards businesses that do the right things, the right way.  So that’s exactly what we do…the right things, the right way.

We will develop and implement a comprehensive Strategic Plan for your Search Engine Optimization based on Keyword research, relevant content creation, building of proper back links and on-site optimization.

On-page optimization includes but is not limited to:

  • Image optimization – titles, ALT tags
  • Keyword-rich SEO titles and meta descriptions
  • Optimized titles tags, with proper html hierarchy (client’s content may be edited)
  • Internal and external link creation with optimized anchor text
  • Appropriate keyword and LSI saturation (client’s content may be edited)
  • Sitemap creation and submission
  • Robots.txt creation, as needed
  • HTTPS protocol and configuration, as needed
  • Speed and performance optimization
  • Correction of all critical issues as determined via Website Auditor
  • Schema markup(s)
  • Google Map embed

Off-site SEO is unique to each client’s strategy and state of their existing online assets. Off-site work may include any of the following, as deemed appropriate and necessary in achieving desired goals:

  • Citation creation and optimization
  • Social profile creation and optimization
  • Social bookmarking
  • High authority backlinks – guest outreach and/or premium
  • Infographics sharing
  • Article sharing
  • Classifieds

SEO Reporting Methodology:

  • Monthly reporting, is provided for each location, as desired, along with an overview of all progress relative to all locations.
  • Access is granted through a Google Data Studio link so reporting functionality is available for any location, at any time, for any time period desired, with real time results.

Timeline for SEO:

It is important to understand that SEO is not an immediate solution to generate new business. SEO is a long-term strategy to be evaluated on an annual (or semi-annual) basis.


Google Adwords: 

Google Adwords gives you the opportunity for your business to run pay-per-click ads on Google that show up above the GMB listings when someone does a relevant local search. It also allows you to run a paid ad within the 3-pack (essentially making it a 4-pack) so your business’ GMB listing shows up in the map pack immediately.

The great thing about Adwords is speed-to-results. It’s possible to setup a Google Adwords campaign and start getting traffic to a website or landing page in less than 48 hours. Since results from organic SEO are  not immediate, paid ads can provide an excellent short-term solution until the organic results are self-sustaining.  

The Google Adwords interface is rather difficult to use. It’s meant to be used by advertising professionals, not beginners or novices. Your business can lose A LOT of money in a short period of time if the ad campaign is not set up properly and monitored/adjusted throughout the duration of the campaign. 

At Leverage Point Digital, we are certified Google Adwords management specialists. The Director of our Adwords department is a “Google Premier Partner”, a designation that is given to only 3% of all Google Partners. We absolutely know how to manage your  campaigns to get the optimum results, without breaking the bank. 

Social Media Marketing: 

The Facebook and Instagram Advertising platforms are arguably the most advanced platforms ever developed in the history of advertising. Nothing gives you the ability to laser-target the ideal target audience in your  market area like Facebook & Instagram Ads. You can run ads in front of people based on every demographic & psychographic variation you could imagine. You can retarget people who have visited your website, watched a certain percentage of your videos, interacted with your ads, and much, much more.
Because the Facebook & Instagram platforms are so advanced (and they are always changing), it is absolutely imperative that a professional Facebook Advertising Agency manages your ad campaigns. 

One Stop SEO has highly-certified Facebook Advertising Managers on staff who have the skills to get incredible results for your business, while keeping a watchful eye on every dollar invested in ads.