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Alicia Hughes: SEO, MAPS, LEAD GEN

Alicia is the founder of One Stop SEO, and subsequently One Stop Co-Op. She began as a web designer in 2013 but being very much a data driven person, she quickly realized that her real passion was Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization. She has worked with just about every type of local business, but has a soft spot in her heart for Personal Injury Attorneys. 

Prior to entering the digital marketing field, Alicia spent 25 years working as a Bodily Injury Litigation Specialist. She knows the nuances of bodily injury claims inside and out, which gives her a very unique edge when marketing for PI Attorneys. 

Alicia’s forte is on-page SEO, technical SEO, and Google Business Profile SEO. She has studied under some of the biggest names in the SEO space and has established herself as one of the top authorities in her field. 

Alicia’s mantra is “If my clients aren’t making a ton of money, I am not doing my job.” She works relentlessly to ensure that her clients are getting amazing results from her efforts.    


Moon is the founder of three businesses, her most recent ones being Affiliate Phoenix and Cosmic Growth Marketing. Over the years, her interests led her to search engine optimization and now, back to marketing! As much as Moon loves SEO, she also knows that a key component of growing her businesses has been social media marketing. Her passion lies in playing with algorithms as well as being a wordsmith. She offers killer social media and email marketing services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Her core belief is to treat everyone with kindness, and her mantra is to do social media and email marketing with a purpose: to bring clients to her clients’ front door (or, rather, virtual door!)


Max currently lives in the central coast in California with his wife and three kids.

He is a veteran of the Marine Corps and has worked in Law Enforcement for 10 years. He developed a passion for local businesses after learning about website development, SEO, and advertising on various platforms. He realized that these were skills he could use to help business owners, and gets tremendous satisfaction when his client’s expectations are exceeded. Max has proven to be a PPC guru, consistently delivering campaign results that surpass the competition in every conceivable way. 

He also has a lot of energy due to his excessive consumption of caffeine.